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Terms & Conditions

The SELLER means SurgiMAC, LLC.
The BUYER means the buyer of SurgiMAC PRODUCT.
The CONTRACT means any contract for the sale of products by the Seller to the Buyer.
The PRODUCT means goods of any description forming the subject matter of this contract, including parts, components and ingredients of any materials incorporated into the product.

Acceptance: These terms and conditions of sale, together with information contained in Seller’s written product order, quotation, acknowledgment and/or invoice, shall constitute the entire agreement and understanding of Seller and Buyer for the purchase and sale of Seller’s products. Buyer must review acknowledgment for accuracy, and notify Seller immediately of any discrepancies. Buyer’s acceptance of delivery or payment for any product will constitute Buyer’s acceptance of all terms and conditions of sale.

All orders will be shipped by best means as determined by Seller. The Buyer is responsible for shipping charges.

Orders that are held upon Buyer request will be canceled after thirty (30) days of non-communication by the Buyer. Seller will make three (3) attempts to contact the Buyer during that time period. If no response is received, the order will be canceled.

All prices are subject to change.

Limitation of Company Liability –
1) Seller will not under any circumstances be liable for any claim, liability, expense or cost emanating directly or indirectly for non-delivery or delay caused by weather, industrial action or for any unexpected cause even indirectly affecting the availability of goods. Seller may unilaterally suspend any delivery for any period and/or cancel any agreement of sale without any liability whatsoever in consequence thereof.

2) Seller shall not under any circumstances be liable for any claim, liability, expense or cost arising even indirectly from any fault or weakness in or of the goods whether inherent or not or in respect of faulty or deceptive job practices and the Buyer shall hold harmless and keep indemnified Seller there from.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale, together with the information contained in the written product order, quotation, acknowledgement and/or invoice, shall constitute the entire agreement for the purchase and sale of the products. Acceptance of goods is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions.